ASRC: Academic and Student Recreation Center
Location: Urban Plaza 2nd Floor

Besides housing the transportation office where students can get discounted rates for public transit passes based on student and low-income statuses, the ASRC hosts a massive wealth of other opportunities for students. The outdoor program offers outdoorsy types opportunities to hike, camp, go snowboarding and skiing, rent kayaks and other gear necessary to take advantage of all of the sweet sweet nature that surrounds and winds through Portland. If you want to see what all the bicycle fuss is about in Portland, the PSU Bike Hub lets you rent bikes, helps and teaches you how to fix your own, and has everything you need to make sure that you have the lights and safety gear necessary to keep your skin in tact while cruising around our cities streets, bike lanes, and forest trails.

The Rec. Center offers free yoga classes, a climbing wall, a swimming pool, and tons of other active and less active “workout” adjacent activities. Students can get in those weird bubble outfits, practice fencing and boxing, climb a boulder wall, run around an indoor track, even play basketball and dodgeball in the Rec Center. They have lockers so you don’t have to enter and exit in workout attire if wandering the city looking like an active person isn’t your style. You pay for this resource in your student fees, and it’s incredibly robust. Oh yeah, there’s all your standard gym stuff in here too.

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