The Pacific Sentinel is Portland State’s student-run monthly magazine. The Sentinel was started in December 2015 as a merger between The Rearguard, an alternative newspaper to The Vanguard, and Spectrum, a monthly magazine. We are inspired by publications such as The New Yorker and The Atlantic. We offer relevant news, social commentary, as well as thoughts and opinions about culture, politics, and life in the modern era. We care about truth.

The Pacific Sentinel is a monthly student-run magazine at PSU. We seek to uplift student voices and advocate on behalf of the underrepresented. We analyze culture, politics, and daily life to continually take the dialogue further.

PS provides a unique opportunity to learn what it is like to work within a journalistic publication. We offer students the ability to express themselves and learn how to craft effective writing capable of launching careers in societal commentary and ethical reporting. At PS students learn what it is like to work with editorial staff to craft engaging pieces of professional writing through our platform. PS uplifts student voices to engage in and further the modern socio-political and cultural dialogues.

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Multimedia Editor, News Writer/Reporter, Opinions or Satire Writer, LGBTQ+ Perspectives Columnist, Black Perspectives Columnist, Accessibility Columnist, Designer, Illustrator, Photographer, or Cartoonist, Multimedia Contributor (videography, podcaster, vlogger)?

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We’re always looking for more students to expand our reach and make our publication better, we can’t do what we do without you. Join our team!