The Lego Movie Has a Second Part?
A review by someone who hasn’t seen the first one

The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part had me at the title, which might have been one of the funniest parts about it. For the past couple of years I have been religiously told by countless people how amazing the original Lego Movie was, which beckoned me to dip my toes in the pool of animated Legos without any prior knowledge. I saw the sequel Lego movie without seeing the first, which might be the best way to see any sequel to a cartoon. I had nothing to compare it to, which made it great. The kid humor wasn’t super funny in this movie seeing as there weren’t any poop or fart jokes, which immediately knocked the score down for me.

The adult humor, however, was pretty hilarious at times. Super clever jokes (many involving Bruce Willis) were made, but the biggest joke of all was the last half of the movie. I found it way too long, dry, and drawn out. But it was all worth it by the credit sequence. The credits were by far the best part of the whole movie (however if you had to pee as bad as I did by the end, they also lasted too long). It capitalized on how awesome the crew was and how unimportant the cast was in an animated movie like this, which I found completely accurate and truthfully funny. The animation on this movie was honestly way better than any I’ve seen in the last couple years, if we aren’t counting other stop motion films. The voice actors were casted well too. Although they seemed to have just hired all well known people in Hollywood, it wasn’t as distracting as I thought it would be.

Overall, I have no idea if this movie was as funny as its counterpart, but I thought it was enjoyable enough to watch one time and never again (unless you’re under eight years old, of course, in which case you will make your guardians watch it with you ad nauseam).

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