Portland’s Own Bands Who Cover The Classics
Local Music Keeping it Classic

Illustration by Peyten Woodruff.

As a die hard music fan of past decades, I love a good local band who can cover the old hits as if it were the real deal. As Portland is well known for keeping the past alive, what better city to house a collection of great cover bands who do just this. I’ve heard of a few of them through word of mouth, but I had to dig deeper and really find out what some of these bands are really up to, and whether or not they are worth the hype. I was pleasantly surprised at what I found. Here are just a few of the bands who are keeping the great classics alive here in Portland.

Tragic Kingdom

The hay-day for the woman-lead alternative rock band, No Doubt, was in the 90s with their hits “Just A Girl” and “Spiderwebs.” The tribute band, Tragic Kingdom, named after their debut album in 1995, emulates the same eccentric energy. The vocalist portrays No Doubt’s own Gwen Stefani almost perfectly with the same outfits, hair color, and vibrato voice. Their performance is surely set to make it feel like you are witnessing the true spirit of No Doubt.

Constant Debauchery

This three piece throws out all of those catchy electronic hooks that Depeche Mode is so well known for. The band became popular in the 80s and has been riding out that New Wave sound ever since. Constant Debauchery makes it easy for Portlanders to enjoy the music of Depeche Mode locally.


Wilclone—What a great name for a Wilco cover band! They absolutely do sound like Wilco’s clone, playing a huge catalog almost perfectly. The original band, formed in the 90s, is categorized as a type of mid-tempo rock, but still gets you bobbing your head and dancing around. The Wilclone members all perform while smiling from ear to ear, most likely because of the crowd singing along with them.

Ok Not Ok

Radiohead was one of the most influential alternative rock bands of the 90s because of their well executed experimental qualities. Ok Not Ok shockingly executes those same elements of rock and subtle electronics that make the band so great. The vocalist even hits those notes that Radiohead’s Thom York perfects. 

Rose Parade

Before Elliot Smith died in 2003, he belonged to Portland’s local music scene before his music career took off. Rose Parade is carrying on his spirit by performing his songs in more of a piano based jazz inspired fashion. What’s great about this particular cover band is that it is led by a female vocalist which creates an interesting take on the more melancholic music.

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