Crypto & Donuts #3 (the end)
a Non Binary Sci Fi Dystopian Fiction

A drawing of butterflies in shades of blue.
Illustration by Peyten Woodruff

This three part series has been inspired by current events and “sci fi–ized” 

to create an improbable space– to urge your curiosity of the problem.

H.R.1747 is an active bill but in this story is an evil poison– this is to make it memorable–it is an (active) GOOD bill that defends financial freedom.

Asset values are fiction. Names are obfuscated except real American politicians and real news clips that are either fighting for or against your financial freedom.

For full deciphering, a sample letter to congress, blockchain deep dives, as well as the previous parts to the story, visit:


The key stuck in the door again. I jiggled it free.

The smell of my orchid welcomed me into my apartment. Work was only downstairs, my job only allows me to work close to home, but my cortisol rises quickly like I had some sort of trauma…but I don’t remember…

Ah..Sweet spice. Cortisol dissolving….

I flopped on the floor and turned on the screen.

..”a call for reforming the institutions and rules governing multilateralism. The principles underlying it ought to be consolidated. The spirit that drives multilateralism revitalized…”  


..” I spoke at the National Security Commission on AI Summit about the critical role that diplomacy can play in shaping the terms of our technological future…”.


…”as we are doing in Europe, you build environments in which you create industrial dataspaces for open innovation and AI development…but for me there is a more important premise, nobody should impose which technologies or applications developing countries should develop, to avoid a technology colonization….”



Yes love. Jack was sitting so quietly behind me, I didn’t even see them! 

“Oi! You scared me!”

“I was not meaning to. I was just enjoying watching you flip though the entertainment options.”

“ha! I miss TV, remember when we took all that junk for granted? It was so much more entertaining than NON STOP POLITICS 

and I swear I’ve heard all of this before! 

I would give my right arm for just one infomercial trying to sell me some stupid gadget for 19 dollars and 99 cents. ” I howled–too loud I think. Although, I never know why I’m anxious about being loud.

“If you gave your right arm you wouldn’t get access.”

“Oh, right, well, my left arm.” I sat on their lap and snuggled. 

“At least I didn’t lose you.”

I said, closing my eyes…as I drifted off, 

I saw two blue butterflies flying away….”

___________________________________________________________meanwhile 2.7432 meters away:

“Are you going to eat that?” 

Without taking his eyes off of the surveillance screen, Graf almost took a bite out of his donut but stopped with his teeth jutting out like a hyena. 

Pater had to say that. Graf chomped into his donut and punched him in the arm without taking his eyes off the surveillance screen.  The scuffle caused a lot of noise. 

The red light went on. Each interval it blinked, white lettering on red plastic seared PriSm5, PriSm5, PriSm5 into one’s cornea. 

Graf threw his donut in the trash, turned and stood up to salute.  Pater was already saluting. 

The metal door opened. 

Captain Lydia entered. Her two guards stood on either side of the door facing the privates. She walked past them. 

She walked right up to the glass.

“Look at those love birds….so nice to see my handiwork!” 

She made a sound like she had just taken a bite out of a decadent cake and walked back towards the door. Without turning around she said, 

“Launch protocol H.R.1747 immediately.”

She left.

Graf and Pater looked at each other, Graf in relief. Pater hiding his alarm… “I got this man,” 

Pater insisted, turning to the screen, scanning his hand, bringing up the command prompts.

Graf took the hint…”Ok, thanks! I’m having lunch then, have fun with HR whatever.”. 

Graf leaves to request lunch. 

Pater begins frantically building an encrypted pg outlet using HR 1700, a protocol that didn’t exist in the system but which he was trained to build quickly by Zolkadot, four years ago, before he was deployed to the mission to Portland to find Jack and Iolaus and protect them. This escape signal was to be implemented when HR 1747 was requested–if it ever was. 

HR1747 to Captain Lydia meant a lethal dose of their usual amnesia control but to Pater and all of Zolkadot, 

It hearkens back to 2023 when US senator Emmer proposed legislation HR 1747: Blockchain Regulatory Certainty Act, which had all the intentions of what America stood for, freedom. 

Pater was recruited in 2024 by a European Decentralization Protection Activist Group: AtlasZolka. It used to be funded by Dr. Zavin Good, the founder of Zolkanot. But now, he doesn’t know who will answer, if anyone will. 

His lack of contact did not change his commitment to the mission to protect Jack and Iolaus. 

Jack is the only agent who was entrusted with memorizing the private key of the US Treasury bonds that were put on the blockchain in March 2023. Hazy Zingler, the Czar  of the Master Keys, had hired them to be a human keylogger. Back then, obfuscation was best implemented in human memory. But Jack’s contract was canceled suddenly in 2025 without reason and mercenaries were sent after them. 

This was how the PriSm5 Chronology started. PriSm5, is one of hundreds of simulations that prevented mass protest and ushered in centralization without a blink of an eye in 2025. Numbered for their consecutive openings, 5 was the first non speculative simulation prison.(Pri Sim 5) 

Jack hid from injustice in downtown Portland above a donut shop 

…and built a decentralized exchange.

 They mysteriously disappeared in 2025 after a Zingler minion hacked their central key and caused them to red-fault one day when they risked everything to go on a date (and go online) and take beautiful Iolaus to a Dim Sum restaurant. It was worth it.

Iolaus had sent for help to every ecosystem and AtlasZolka responded. But then they also disappeared. AtlasZolka traced both kidnappings to PriSm5 and suspected they were together in some simulation prison. They placed agents in each one with the same instructions. Find and protect, wait for HR 1747, send an encrypted signal, be rescued.

Pater typed:

gpg –encrypt –sign –armor -r HR 1700

GNUPG alongside shortwave were the only systems of free communication in 2027 and it still was able to use the email server protocols because they were simply used as address specifications. 



 8803 kilometers away

Casper awoke to the sound he hadn’t heard in two years. The PriSm Agent Beacon.

In quick response he thought of a sky map and BLACK COG turned the interactive sky map on the ceiling. 

(BLACK COG is the 2027 professional AI system discovered in 2025 as a synthesis of GPT 12 language models, ACT-R cognitive architecture, Open Cog GUI and the Blue Brain project. )

 He could see the beacon was coming from Portland, Oregon in the US. 



 in the nextdoor pod

Dr. Zavin Good was watching the Eurasian ticker. His token is still leading since he launched his supercomputer concept.

>>>>ZTC 500,567 >>>ZTH 257,895 >>>ZDA 400,543 >>>ZOT 503,849 >>>ZLM 284,342 >>>ZBAR 382,343 >>>ZRP 499,233>>>> 

Casper interrupted on his lower left visual field,  “boss, today is the day. The beacon is lit.”

Zavin jumped up in excitement, “Who is it?” 

“We think it’s Iolaus and Jack.”

“Oh Iolaus knew this would work…they were right. They have always been so right…do you see any interference in the signal?”

“no. none. But it’s HR 1747 alright.”

Rip good old 1747, if only the Americans hadn’t forgotten how to fight. Now it’s all amnesia syringes.”

He took his hat off in honor of Emmer, Lummis, Long, Gillibrand, Boring, and Kennedy.

Zavin ordered: “Put the rescue team together. 

Those visionaries belong in reality, 

where the sky is still blue and 

we can make a better strategy 

to slay the monster together.”


Iolaus helped Heracles free Sardinia from many ills (Beheading Hydra) &

A genus of the Lycaenid butterfly has been named after Iolaus: “Iulus” 


Thanks for reading.

Free Palestine 🗝️

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