Artificial Intelligence
A resourceful tool or inhibitor of progress?

Over the years, technology has been advancing in various ways. Without the progression of new technologies, society would likely lack vital knowledge of medical care, engineering, science, architecture, and more. However, with the benefits of technological innovations, there have been significant negative aspects such as over-reliance and misuse. Thus, this leads to the question, has technology gone too far? This question has recently been debated as artificial intelligence, more specifically, AI generation, has become more popular through applications such as ChatGPT. Similarly to other technologies, AI generation is a tool that allows users to innovate and create with a light amount of rules against usage. Ultimately, AI generation is trying to make the user’s life easier. What could be wrong with wanting to make one’s life easier? The answer, in this case, is that a lot could go wrong.

The advantages of artificial intelligence are vast and the world of AI generation is always expanding. Currently, creators use AI generation for multiple purposes, including but not limited to idea generation, artistic creation, writing assistance, design, writing code, and more. In a lot of ways, users in any profession can benefit from using AI in both their personal and professional lives. Although using AI is not a solution for every problem, it can assist in finding an answer and will provide ideas as solutions.

The disadvantages of artificial intelligence are as vast as the possibilities available. As AI generation is an extremely resourceful and helpful tool, it has also been used by creators to manipulate, plagiarize, and spread misinformation that may be provided by AI generators. As users tend to use AI generation in both their personal and professional lives, users can become over-reliant on the generative tool and some even completely rely on it to complete tasks. 

An example of misuse of AI generative resources can be seen in further education. Throughout the advancement of these tools, universities such as Portland State have seen an increase in plagiarized and AI-generated papers without citation. However, to check if a paper is written by AI, universities use applications such as Turnitin that detect it, which in turn involve similar AI algorithms. Additionally, universities are updating their policies regarding AI generation, to promote usage in a legible way. In particular, Portland State University indicates that it “embraces new technologies…to the extent that they advance the university’s mission and values.” Thus encouraging academic freedoms for faculty and students to determine how to use the generative tools in not only a way that’s legible, but also creative.

As the advancement of AI generation is growing at a rapid rate, increasing its usability and performance, there may be an additional lack of job positions. 

Companies are increasing their AI usage without explicitly mentioning it. Although there is some or even no written evidence that companies and individuals are using AI generation for blogs, media posts, advertisements, and artistic creations, artists and creative designers are noticing artistic inconsistencies and overall non-identifiable objects in generative images. An example of this would be that AI uses inconsistent shadows based on a botched understanding of light theory and image creation. 

As the world of technology is constantly evolving, there may be solutions to the current disadvantages that the AI generation currently poses. In contrast, there may even be more mishaps regarding technological misuse and cause an overall ban on AI generation in industries and institutions. Although, with the advantages that AI generative technology has provided the community so far, it’s notable that there could be valuable contributions from the tool. Reflecting on the usage of AI generation, it’s important to bring awareness to the strengths and weaknesses regardless.


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