Spring Cleaning
Reset Edition: Ins and Outs

Illustration by Kris Andrade

Instead of New Year’s Ins and Outs—the new habits we invite in, and the old ones we say goodbye to—we deserve to have our resets throughout the year, whenever they may be needed or desired. What a better time to make shifts than springtime? The physical change of nature—shifting from gloom to bloom—inspires our own sense of change with our habits, mentalities, and passions. Of course, it’s comforting to keep consistency, but refreshing our days to look more ideal for ourselves is a vital practice in sustaining our mental and physical health. I encourage you to create your own reset—whether it be a tangible list, or just taking the time to reflect. 


My list acts as both something to work toward and on, but also as motivation to keep pursuing my long-term goals. Not everything is a new addition—never-before included—into my routine, but rather a reminder to prioritize aspects that I had been missing.   


Here are some things I am currently fixated on and am inviting to stay ‘In’ my routine:

  1. Walks (aka ‘Hot Girl Walks’).

The warmer weather brings back my hot girl walks. For those confused, “hot girl walk” is simply a TikTok trend word for daily strolls. These walks not only allow us to move our bodies, but also give us an opportunity to put on an outfit we feel good in and to get outside! For me, going on walks allows my mind to silence, while also holding space and time for my mind to wander with no judgment or pressures. Walking with mindfulness emphasizes walks as a mind, body, and soul meditation. 

  1. Outside Time // Fresh Air 

I have been melting over the abundance of tulips blooming. It’s only my second year living in Portland, and I honestly do not remember them being as prevalent in past Springs. It’s been a delight discovering a new element of nature that I previously overlooked. My new infatuation with tulips has even inspired me to get a tulip tattoo. In addition to admiring the flowers of Spring, it is officially picnic season. Granted, depending on the weather we receive each day, picnics may not be the most ideal; however, we have been getting enough sunny days to get excited for leisure at the park. Whether it’s alone with a book, listening to music with headphones in, accompanied by your lover, or surrounded by your friends, every park session should be taken in with full gratitude. Also!! How excited are we all for the later sunset time?! 

  1. Chill Nights In

As much as the warm weather makes me want to stay out late and soak up the energy of outside, I have been purposely dedicating time for chill nights in. We may feel the pressure (put on us by a capitalistic, must-always-be-doing-something society) to constantly be out and about, but staying in is just as valid and valuable. Take the time for yourself, or gather people you love to be around and make a meaningful night in. 

  1. Crazy Nights Out

No longer fighting the freezing cold when we go out at night. Standing in line for a bar/club or sitting at outdoor seating is no longer met with unbearable cold weather. Also, seeing as though the sun doesn’t set until 8pm—and will only get later—we have the freedom to start our nights at a later time with the hopes of the sun still being out. I am specifically looking forward to continuously attending soccer games—supporting both the Timbers and Thorns at Providence park. Not only do the games themself offer an entertaining time, but the aftermath is also pretty exciting as the crowd mobs out into the North West streets finding their next adventure for the night. 

  1. Playing Card Games // Playing Pool // Playing Shuffleboard 

Time to embrace our playful side! Gathering with friends to do any of the activities listed above has been a consistent heart-warmer. You get to show your competitive side and tease each other in ways that only a good game can do for you. I’ve lived by a bar with free pool and shuffleboard for a while now, but it’s only until recent months where it has become the go-to spot to gather and hangout.

  1. Setting (stating) boundaries 

To feel our best, we must clearly vocalize what we need and want. If you’re lucky enough, you will have people in your life who will respect, understand, and value what your boundaries are. Communicating can be very difficult and vulnerable, but it’s something that is necessary for healthy and sustainable relationships (with others, and with yourself!)


Shifting our energy once more, these are my ‘Outs’: 


  1. Toxic people who do not deserve access to me/my energy 

Sometimes setting and stating boundaries is not the move to make, but rather making the personal decision to distance yourself. If something has been bothering you for a while, but you continue to just brush it off and dismiss it as “not that big of a deal”, but it’s still upsetting you—this is your reminder that it is ok, valid, and maybe finally time to no longer brush it off, but fully remove whatever it is that’s bothering you. This is freeing, liberating, and lifts a weight off of you. As much as we want to bring in new, exciting, and good energy, we should also understand that the old, frustrating, and not-so-good energy needs to go. 

  1. Feeling Guilty // Putting Immense Amount of Pressure On Ourselves

Breathe! Release! Be. Again, going back to pointing out that we live in a capitalistic society that makes us feel like we are never doing enough. We should allow ourselves to step back and reconsider the circumstances. Practicing patience toward our education, career, or personal journeys is a huge component to holding space for ourselves to feel freely. Let us be in cooperation with our instincts, rather than fight against them with a judgemental attitude. 


Happy Spring cleaning folks. Move in intentional ways, and know it’s good to maintain and make-over your lifestyles. It’s not one or the other, it’s a balancing of both. Even my list here will shift within the timeframe of Spring—this is simply just a snapshot of what’s going on currently and things I have been enjoying and thinking about. Get grounded, then spring upward and forward.

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